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About Kirsty Wyn

Hey you,

I’m Kirsty Wyn and I’m a professional makeup artist from Worcester. More importantly, I am a wife and a mother. I’ve been with my husband for 8 years and it was our wedding that made me realise my passion for makeup. The feeling of beauty it can bring both inside and out is empowering.

I’m a girly girl and a prosecco queen, with a penchant for all things sweet. I am passionate about being a makeup artist. This is not just a job for me; It’s an obsession. I love everything about makeup; finding new products (especially lesser known ones); watching new makeup technique videos; even just doing my own makeup. Makeup is a superpower!

My husband is my cheerleader. He is the one that encouraged me to do it professionally. He used to remark “You spend so much time and energy playing with makeup you might as well do it full-time”. It’s true; I have lost so many hours playing with makeup. It’s just so much fun!! I find that I can lose myself in it. I trained at the AOFM Academy in London and have never looked back. I’m lucky that my husband’s encouragement and jokey comments have resulted in me doing something I love for a job. It’s very rewarding.

Our son is the best thing to happen to me. He is beautiful, sassy, funny, playful and cheeky, all wrapped up into a little ball of energy. He loves to toddle off with my makeup brushes. I tickle his face with them and he thinks he’s joining in. It’s amazing to see my little man get so much joy out of something that I love doing – even if it’s only pretend!

We also have our crazy little zoo of animals. The cats Merlin (cute but psycho) & Martha (overweight and lazy) keep us on our toes and our guests looking over their shoulders. We have a stunning but bouncy golden retriever, “Leo”. He is completely bonkers but a gentle giant at heart. Our home is chaos personified but we love it.

If you decide you want me to work with you just remember one thing… You are already beautiful. My job is to make you feel beautiful.

Check out my Makeup Artist Blog for advice and tips on doing your own makeup.

Kirsty Wyn x

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