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Au Natural Skin

Here’s my advice for au natural skin…

It’s surprising how many of us daren’t leave the house without our face ‘on’. You could argue that we hold ourselves to high standards and simply wish to look our best. It could also be said that maybe we wouldn’t feel as ready to take on the day without feeling (& looking) our best. Maybe our confidence isn’t as high without our makeup armour to shield up from the daily grind. Nowadays there is a pressure to look airbrushed and flawless for every waking minute of every day.

Spot Luck

Frankly, this is impossible. Some days there just isn’t the time or we are presented with a skin eruption. We all have those days, normally right before an important public event, where we wake up and Mount Spoticus has taken residence centre stage of our face.

Try not to look at your unique skin qualities as imperfections. They are you. For instance, having textured skin does not make you any less beautiful. You just need to embrace going makeup free occasionally to help. It can feel almost liberating to show a bare faced you to the world. Everybody has their own skin qualities, whether it be textures in your skin, pores/ blackheads, redness, wrinkles, the list goes on. We all have something we would love to change because of the pressure to look flawless.

Go Makeup Free

There is no shame in being out and about with your face au natural. Don’t feel insecure, you are perfect just the way you are in your own skin. Feel proud to be yourself with and without makeup.

Don’t waste your time being stressed out over a spot that won’t be going anywhere for at least the next few days. Is it inconvenient? Yup but what are you going to do. Instead, get some practice at concealing that little zit and keep up a good skincare regime. After all that is what will truly keep your skin beautiful and glowing.

Nothing is truly more beautiful than au natural skin that is cared for. Invest in your skincare, you put it through a lot every single day. That way you won’t always need to reach for the makeup that you feel you have to hide behind.

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