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Create A Natural Dewy Look

Here’s my advice on how to create a natural dewy look for your skin using makeup…

Always start with cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin. Ensure that it is suitable to your skin type and give your face a little massage with the moisturiser to get the blood pumping. For that natural dewy look, mix strobe cream with your moisturiser before applying on to your skin. Once that has been massaged into your skin, decide whether any areas need primer. Be mindful not to use thick primers on oily skin as all it will do is clog your pores. If your skin doesn’t need a primer then you don’t use it.


Next, I would recommend applying concealer and colour corrector where required. A little green to counteract any redness but don’t go over the top so you end up looking like the witch out of Wicked. Apricot colour corrector under the eyes is useful as it helps to brighten. If using any concealer, it should be one shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply it to the areas using your fingers; you only need to use a light layer otherwise it will begin to look “cakey”.


Foundation colour is important to the natural dewy look. Always colour match your neck, if the foundation disappears it’s perfect. Remember, skin should look like skin! Add a light spray of water to your brush or sponge to help make blending foundation into the skin seamless. Don’t forget the ears and do thin layers of foundation to build up the look. If you think you need a tiny bit more concealer to brighten under the eyes at this point just go very lightly.


Then use a paint pot or a blendable colour like Charlotte Tilbury’s colour chameleons (they even help guide you with what colours will best suit your eye colour). Place a little product on your eyelid and use a blending brush to make a wiper blade movement – back and forth to blend it out. The trick is to not put too much on too fast, the assumption can be that you need to place lots of product on and then smoke it out. Little and brush it out, the brush will do the work, lift the eyebrow to work well into the skin.


For highlighter with this natural dewy look, stay away from glitter based highlighters – they will ruin the look. Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter will make skin glow gently or MAC do a cream colour base in shade ‘pearl’ that is great for this sort of look. Don’t apply this under the eyes, just on the top of the cheekbones, eyebrow arch, inner corner of the eye, cupids bow and tiny bit on the nose. The amount depends how ‘dewy’ you are aiming for. You could also use a powder highlighter – mineralise finish – underneath the eyebrow, but if you use a cream highlighter it may crease. Check out my post Glow Up for advice on using highlighters.


Contouring can be too heavy for this look so tread lightly. It should look very natural as it is all about lifting your features up. The brown contour should go just underneath the cheekbone from your ear to mouth BUT do not go past the outer corner of your eye. Then blend it up and back towards your ear. For this you can use cream or powder contour. Note: don’t use any setting powder for this look unless you are using powder contour otherwise it will mattify a dewy look. Only apply a small amount of setting powder to the contour area to help the powder blend and settle.


For this look a cream blusher will help keep the skin glowing (you could also use it on the lips if you wanted). Place it just above the contour line and buff down into the contour – again don’t go past the corner of the eye otherwise you can begin to look like Aunt Sally.

Lastly, use a bronzer and apply lightly with a brush to the forehead and on top of the blush to add a little colour.

Voila! Beautiful dewy skin! This look is perfect for Wedding and Party makeup.

Kirsty Wyn x

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