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Eyelashes, More Lashes

Here’s my advice on using eyelashes to make your eyes look like those of a beauty goddess…

I have gone through ups and downs with eyelashes. Before becoming a makeup artist I never truly appreciated the difference they can make to your makeup look. I’m always frightened of actually doing anything permanent to my own eyelashes. I am lucky enough to have naturally long ones and don’t want to ruin them. So instead I use false, strip eyelashes to enhance my makeup look. That way I’m not interfering with my natural lashes.


These days you can spend anywhere from £3 to over £30 a pair. They say you can wear the more expensive ones multiple times, I’ll admit though I don’t tend to bother using my false eyelashes more than once. My experience has been after one use it is usually time for a new pair because they just look fresher and nicer.

So, options. You have the usual Eylure and Ardell which are very affordable and usually come with their own glue. Each brand has plenty of style options so they are pretty much guaranteed to have something you will like.

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If you have your own glue

Then there is Tatti Lashes. I found them on Instagram as various big makeup artists were tagging them. Their eyelashes look very volumised and healthy. I love them. They have options for mink eyelashes, human hair, the list goes on. For everyday they recommend style TL3. For a more glamorous look try TLMITCHELL or TL5. TL9 are a new style that is wispy and light, proving very popular apparently. Glue is not included like some of their competitors but the amount of styles to choose from is unreal.

Another option is Keilidh Cashell’s Urban Beauty eyelashes. There are three styles to choose from. I’ve seen them on Instagram pictures and they look incredible with good volume and a flattering shape. They retail around £8.95 a pair on Beauty Bay. Holly Boon – HNB Cosmetics, also does a lash line. Three styles of premium synthetic lashes. You can wear these up to 25 times according to Holly and the HNB Cosmetics team. The thing I like about these is that they look striking. Neither of the above brands include eyelash glue so you need to make sure you have some stocked up before your next glam occasion.

The one style everybody is talking about at the moment is the new style from HUDA Beauty – the Jacqueline Lashes. They are £17 a pair from Cult Beauty, they look fluffy and sensational. A very feminine and curly style of lash. Need. Want. Enough said.

Do it, trust me

If you don’t usually try adding lashes to your makeup look, do it, trust me. There is a vast difference and it will make your eyes pop.

If you tend to have sensitive eyes, don’t go for heavy eyelashes. Stick to a lightweight option. Otherwise, you will likely end up with watery eyes all night. Also, take eyelash glue out with you. A girl with half her eyelash hanging off isn’t a glamorous look.

Eyelashes are must for Bridal Makeup looks, unless you’re blessed with natural ones that look like they’ve been stolen from Aphrodite. I include lashes with all of my Wedding Makeup Packages as they complete the look and help bring attention to your eyes in photographs. The close-up of your eyes whilst looking downwards is a stable of wedding photographers so they need to be looking their fullest.

Give your lashes a bright and beautiful eyelids to draw attention to. Fancy winning a Too Faced Then & Now Eye Shadow Pallet worth over £50? Enter our free prize draw on Facebook and Instagram now. Terms and conditions are available here.

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