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Fix A Broken Lipstick

Here’s my advice on how to fix your broken lipsticks so they don’t go to waste…

Have you ever experienced that soul destroying disappointment of your lipstick snapping in two? It is particularly heartbreaking when it’s a favourite shade of yours. You instantly wonder how much it is going to cost to replace.

Fix That Lipstick

Well, here is the solution to that problem. Make your own lipstick palette. Sounds like a messy, pain in the derriere I know. I have tried and tested this method so here is how I did it…

The Method

Firstly, I gathered all of the broken lipsticks together that I was planning on putting into the palette. I recommend starting with the lightest shade to save on washing up – you’ll soon realise why. Get yourself a candle and of course, a match. Place something underneath the candle to help catch any potential spills, light the candle and give it a good minute to get nice and hot on the wick.

Next, use a makeup spatula or a knife to carve off some of the broken lipstick onto a metal spoon. TIP: don’t be tempted to place a huge amount of product onto the spoon. It will take a lot longer to melt and you will end up emptying the spoon regularly to allow space for the melted lipstick. Hold the spoon over the flame, leaving a gap between the flame and the spoon because you risk burning the lipstick. You will end up with little black bits mixed in – not a good look.

Lipstick Palette

Once the broken lipstick has melted, pour it directly from the spoon into the palette. If you have more of the same shade to use then just keep going (go over into multiple slots if necessary). Remember to keep the palette on a flat surface where it will not get knocked over. Although it will start to dry instantly, if it gets nudged the product that is not dry will go flying and spread over your other shades.

I worked my way through the shades of broken lipstick from lightest to darkest and used a few different spoons and knives to avoid adding the previous shades to the new shades. TIP: clean your spoons and knives as you go along so you don’t end up with loads of dry lipstick stuck onto them. I just used kitchen roll to give them a good wipe down before putting them in the dishwasher afterwords on a high heat.

What if I spill some across the palette?

If you go over the edges of the slot like I did (it’s inevitable), use a cotton bud to tidy up the ends. It does a great job of removing any excess lipstick that has gone astray. When the lipstick has run out all you have to do is wipe the slot it was in and it will be ready for a new shade of broken lipstick.

My palette was left to dry overnight with some kitchen towel lightly placed over it. After a quick wipe down the next morning, it looked like a professional palette.

TIP: clean up straight after doing this. You’ll be surprised how far melted lipstick can travel and stain if it isn’t cleaned up. Also, very important, if you are using lipstick with an effect such as shimmer then I would recommend giving it a quick stir using your knife or spatula in the palette to evenly distribute the shimmer.

Voila, enjoy your own personal lip palette.

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