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Glow Up Makeup Highlighter

Here’s my advice on how to use makeup highlighters to make your look glow…

Personal Experience

In the last couple of years good highlighter on a makeup look has become our pièce de résistance. You can look like you are glowing from within in the right light. Sometimes, the outcome is magical. I personally like to start subtle with my highlighter. Looking back, I have on the odd occasion looked like a human lightbulb before learning proper application techniques. Later I would realise that I have been rather heavy handed and in all the wrong places.

Makeup Highlighter Products

Now the question is whether you go for a liquid highlighter or a powder highlighter. A shimmer or a pigment. There are so many options now. The answer is it depends on the finish and the look you desire. I like liquid highlighters. The dewy finish and soft glow they add to your skin is just the right amount. You can add more if you want it heavier or go light and dab it on if you only want a very soft highlight. Recently, I bought Laura Geller’s Pillow Top Illuminator and the finish is sensational. You could either use it as you would a normal highlighter, or, mix it with your moisturiser. It can then be used all over your face before adding foundation. This will give your skin a healthy, dewy, glow. It is essentially working like a strobe cream would.

I also love Illamasqua’s highlighter OMG. It is my go to of the powder highlighters. Why? Because it is simply gorgeous! It is like a bar of champagne gold and it goes on like butter. It feels delightful and sits perfectly on my makeup without smudging. I need to try some of their other shades. I also keep eyeing up the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters as the shades look truly spectacular and everybody raves about them.

Bridal Makeup Highlighter

For a bridal makeup, I personally think the focus needs to be on a Natural Dewy Look. Therefore, I wouldn’t pick a highlighter with sparkle in it. I would aim for the illuminating highlighters that will give your cheekbones that extra something. On my wedding day, I wanted my focus on the eye makeup because that is where my guests will be looking. Besides, on your wedding day there is no need to go crazy with a highlighter brush. You’ll be glowing all day anyway, trust me! Check out my Wedding Makeup Service and advice on Bridal Skincare.

Party Makeup Highlighter

I love the chance to have a play with colour for a night out. It is a prime opportunity to get creative with a highlighter and a dash of colour e.g. pigment used as a highlighter. Check out my advice for using pigment in my post Pop of Pigment. A night out means darkness. Adding colour to your look combats that and makes your makeup standout without perfect lighting. I want to sparkle and shimmer away on that dance floor. It also adds some extra fun to getting ready. Have a Hen Party coming up and want to learn to do how this first hand? Book a Hen Party Makeup Package!

I like to highlight my face, and my collar bones. On the odd occasion I even highlighted my legs if I deemed the dress worthy of the effort. I probably looked like a human sparkler but why not have fun with your look for a night out? When you see the photos from your night out with your friends, you should see a couple of where your highlighter has caught the lighting just right and looks almost photoshopped. That right there, is why we use makeup highlighter. Check out my Party Makeup Service.

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