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Jewel Tones

Looking for a party worthy look that doesn’t include the word “nude”? Look no further…

Standing out from the crowd

In this case I’m going to go for a purple look. Lilacs and purples are feminine and delicate yet worthy of being bold and making you stand out from the crowd. For example, you could blend out some amethyst colour eyeshadow, cut crease and add a bold lavender eyeliner for a feline flick. I would use a blender brush to lightly apply some to my crease and blend it out, building up the colour to desired coverage. With blending always hold the end of the brush. It’s tempting to want to keep your hand down to the bottom near the eye. But it actually works better if you hold lightly at the end. Imagine the brush is a windscreen wiper on your car. Swipe lightly back and forth. You can even do very small circular motions.

Wings every girl strives for

When it comes to applying eyeliner hold the outer corner of your eyelid, gently pull so that the skin if firmly taut. Keep the eyeliner lower down than you think you need to initially. You can always add more if you want it but you may be surprised at how little you need to use.
The palette’s I adore for colour are Morphe’s. They are so user-friendly, pigmented and have a gorgeous range of shades. I would also recommend one of NYX Professional Makeup’s eyeliners. They are very creamy and vibrant in getting that wing every girl strives for. Now because this is an eye-catching look, it deserves gasp-worthy lashes to finish the eyes. And don’t forget the mascara!

Stopping lips lacking colour

For the lips, I would keep it simple with a nude/ mauve shade. Just a hint of pink will compliment the lilacs and stop the lips lacking colour. I always add a tiny dab of gloss on my lips as well (only in the centre). I find that it finishes the lips off nicely and also seems to help make my lipstick last longer.
HUDA Beauty do the most amazing jewel tone shadows, Ruby Obsessions, Emerald Obsessions, Sapphire Obsessions etc. They are so blendable. There are so many inspiration video’s for looks out there so don’t be afraid to try something different.

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