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Here’s my advice for correctly setting makeup…


Remember not to go heavy with translucent/setting powder. You will end up looking ghostly under your eyes and in photographs, frankly, it looks odd. The fashion seems to have become to Casper out the space under your eyes thinking that it draws attention to your cheekbones. It does, but in photographs the flash does you no favours. You can end up looking like someone just threw a ton of flour at your face. Go in subtle and build up coverage. Also, a very important tip, do not use white tinted powder on dark skin tones. It can cause the skin to look ashy. Some brands do different shades of translucent powders now so that it looks more natural once settled on the skin.

The trick to applying the loose powder is to pour a little bit into the lid first. Dip your brush in and tap the handle over the pot to shake off excess powder. Otherwise, it will just fall down your face – what a waste! To apply it, roll it into the skin in small motions using a consistent gentle pressure. If you go in swiping it all over you are simply moving all the makeup that you have just applied.

You don’t need to apply this to your whole face, just the areas that need it. Makeup doesn’t automatically need to go everywhere. It’s better to use just what you need. Sometimes, less really is more. Don’t bother setting a dewy makeup look otherwise, it will mattify the skin – check out my post on how to create a natural dewy look.


Laura Mercier is without a doubt one of my favourites as a loose powder, it is amazing on all skin tones and so light and natural. It is around £29, you really only need small amounts at a time so it should last you a decent amount of time. Banana Powder by Ben Nye is £19 and at one point everyone, celebrities included, was raving about this product. I have actually never tried this one. I didn’t realise that it was available so easily in the UK and naively I assumed that if Kim K was using it, it was likely to be well out of my budget. Just goes to show, it’s worth looking into products if they peak your interest.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder Foundation is the best pressed powder without a doubt. I highly recommend having one of these in case you need a last minute touch up with your makeup and you already have your outfit on otherwise loose powder will fall down you. It is £34 and worth every penny.

Kirsty Wyn x

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