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Silky Skincare Regime

Here’s my advice for a silky skincare regime to keep you face looking at it’s best even when you don’t feel at yours…

These are some beauty tips that will help you to look your best even when you don’t feel it and keep your skin from looking tired and dull. Our skin goes through everything with us. We need to take care of it, just like the rest of your body.

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

Always clean your face. No matter how many classes of vino you’ve had, grab those makeup wipes. The feeling of waking up the next day with a face full of makeup is not pleasant. Try to leave some wipes by your bedside as a reminder. It’s important to take the bulk of your makeup off. Even when we don’t wear makeup, that wipe will still go to work for you. You’ll feel much cleaner and fresher when you wake up the next morning. It also helps keep acne at bay.

Even better than a facial wipe, use some cleanser. A nice creamy or milky one moisturises the skin and loosens up makeup making it minimal effort to remove with that wipe. Occasionally, I will use an oil based one to give my skin a real boost of hydration. Don’t be scared of having a range of skincare products and trying out new ones to see which suit your skin best.

Moisturiser is King (or Queen!)

Hydration is as key to good skin as cleansing. A nice treat for your skin is an overnight treatment. Try a luxurious night cream, something with a hint of lavender will even be sure to help give you a great night’s rest. I always find the morning after I wake up looking dewy and ready to face the day.

Banish those bags! Whether you are tired, ill or even *gasp* hungover, our skin can look a tad puffy and give us away raising the question from colleagues if “we are feeling okay?”. If you are really struggling with the tell-tale signs of swollen skin I recommend a jade roller fresh from the fridge. It might sound mad but there’s proof in the pudding of them actually being good for us!

Next up is to get the glow. As we discussed nourishing your skin for the night, this step nourishes your skin and boosts the glow for the day. How can you achieve this? An elixir or booster drops! The Farsali 24k Rose Gold Elixir Drops are a must in achieving a glowing makeup look. Of course there are alternatives which are just as good. E.L.F Cosmetics does a great range of Booster Drops that are made to hydrate your skin. If you find this sort of product does not suit you then I would say it’s worth mixing the Iconic London Illuminator Drops in shade Original with a generous amount of moisturiser. Give your face a really good massage and make sure you get full coverage.

Lashes Trick

Open up those eyelashes with your favourite eyelash curler. These are such a great product to have in your makeup bag. Don’t close the eye fully. Clamp down as near to the root as possible and slowly pump down the lashes. Take care as you don’t want to rip them out. Of course you could always do as they do in Mexico, use a metal spoon if you don’t have an eyelash curler.

Final Touch

Last but not least, give your face a light spritz using some facial spray. Mario Badescu Facial Spray smells gorgeous and comes in a couple of different sizes. It’s worth carrying some in your handbag as well as your makeup bag because it works just as well over makeup to give your face a freshen up.

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